Stock Bikes

We sell a select range of top-end brands, chosen for their performance, quality, reliability and customer back-up. Bike brands we sell include Santa Cruz, Juliana, Ibis, Forbidden, Evil and Banshee.
Bikes from these brands are available with various build-kits from the brands themselves, at a range of prices.


Custom Bikes

While we sell stock bikes, there are few things better than a custom built mountain bike. At Dirt Merchants we have a long history in creating high quality, performance-driven custom mountain bikes that enhance the riding experience of our customers.


Bike Set Up

Proper bike set-up is crucial to your riding experience. Whether you have a stock bike or a custom bike, it will only ride as well as its set up. When your new bike arrives or at the time of the first service we take the time to ride with you to ensure your set up is right for your riding style.


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