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Dirt Merchants is independently owned and operated by James Duncan, a Wellington local bike mechanic and enthusiast. Dirt Merchants offers top quality bicycle servicing, a wealth of knowledge that James is keen to share, and sells only the best brands that he believes in. James loves to ride whenever he can and prides himself in having an expert knowledge of products and knowing how to maintain and tune them so that you get exactly what you need and they achieve the highest possible performance. The satisfaction gained from assisting customers to get their bikes fitted and tuned in just right is what makes him do what he does!


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We are a full service mobile workshop specialising in high-end performance maintenance and everyday repairs.


Quality, honest and friendly service from three guys who know what they’re doing, but don’t act like know it alls. These guys always take the time to explain what repairs and required and why, plus the shop just has a great vibe and supports tons of local mountain biking events through donations and onsite.
— Meagan Robertson / rider
Dirt Merchants are legendary, awesome personal service, they go the extra mile all the time, really appreciate it thanks guys. Cheers, The Paremata Rockets.
— Emma Johnston / Rider
Great store, great people and supporters of their local trails!
— Ben Wilde / Rider

The Dirt Merchants Evolution


After six years of thrills and spills, Aro Valley’s iconic specialist mountain bike store – Dirt Merchants – is hitting the road as a mobile, one-man van service.

Located in Aro St, the shop become synonymous with Wellington’s mountain biking scene since it was founded by owner James Duncan in 2012.

James had always been passionate about mountain biking and dreamed of opening his own store. In 2010 he bought a van and started running a specialised mobile mechanic and rental service. Two years later, he decided to open a more traditional bricks and mortar store and the business was a boomer, however the realities of running a shop meant he was spending more time in front of a computer than on the tools.

“That’s why I’ve decided to take the business back to basics and back into the van. Customers can still expect the same standard of service, only now instead of them coming to me, I’ll be coming to them!”

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